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Things to Pack On Your Way to a Dog Show

Dog shows are fun and funny. There are times when you will have to travel long distances, and this can be difficult. You have to remember to pack everything you need, before you start your journey. If you forget everything else, please remember to bring a blanket, a pillow, and a stadium seat cushion.

The weather might be a little bit chilly, and the seat cushion is to protect your bottom from the hard bleachers. The pillow is for resting your head when you are traveling in the car, and want to take a light nap. Just in case you have never been to a dog show before, or perhaps you need a friendly reminder as to what you need to take along, here is a list of things you need to include in your travel kit:

– Bottled water– at least a 24 pack

–  Zip lock bags – great for storing snacks

–  Towels of seat covers– great for protecting your seats from pet hair

–  Paper towels– to clean up the spills

–  Lint roller– good for removing lint from your clothes or seats

–  Air freshener– great for masking doggie scents

–  First aid kit– anything can happen along the way

–  Raincoat– you never know when the weather will change

–  Lifejacket– just an extra precaution

–  Prescription medication please don’t leave home without your meds

– Pack your own chair– unless you want to stand the entire time

pet stuff to bring

Pet Stuff

–  Medical records– proof your pet is disease free

–  Poop bags– you don’t want to leave home without these

–  Pet shot record– proof your pet has all its vaccinations

–  Vet number– have the number of a vet in the city you are going

Tips to remember

Always look where you are stepping. Not everyone will bring poop bags, or follow directions. If you step in doggy poop, everyone will know it. You cannot hide the smell.

Bring plenty of treats for your dog, yourself, and any children you might bring along. Your dog will perform better and act nicely if he knew a surprise is waiting.

Whatever you do, please remember to bring the kennel. After all, you don’t want to put up a missing dog sign in another part of the country, right?

My dog’s Favorite Toys

My dogs love to play, snuggle, eat, sleep, and then play some more. As the owner of four dogs, two Great Danes and two Terriers, I have a pretty good idea of what dogs enjoy, at least what my dogs like!


Toys are very important in our household. Our dogs love to PLAY. They enjoy chewing, chasing, and squeaking their playthings. Over the years, I have come to realize that some toys last awhile and some toys definitely do not! The most durable toy I have found is the Kong. It is described as the “world’s strongest toy” and it loves up to it’s name. My dogs love to chew and they are tough on their chew toys. The Kong has lasted over time and is still going strong. My dogs enjoy it because of it’s chewability but also because you can fill it up with peanut butter or other treat. My fur babies also enjoy chewing on naturally shed deer antlers. Antlers are like a bone but much less messy. They are durable, safe, and good for your dog. My dogs LOVE them, and I find them chewing on their antlers often. Squeaky toys are also popular and believe me when I say that squeaky toys that last in our home are few and far between. Our dogs love nothing more than to rip the squeaker out and destroy the plush toy that surrounds it. However, I have found one squeaker that lasts longer than the others. The Kyjen PP01486 Plush Gecko. It is made with extra tough material and it’s seams are reinforced. There is no stuffing, and the squeaker will squeak even after it has been punctured. This toy is not indestructible, but it lasts a while. My dogs love theirs.

dog toys

My dogs love to play, but they also LOVE to eat. They enjoy their Top Paw Elevated Dog feeders. They like that the feeder sits at the right height to make swallowing easier when eating or drinking. I like that the feeder doesn’t tip or slide easily and is lightweight. Cleaning the stainless steel bowls is easy too.


Now I think more than playing or eating, my dogs really enjoy sleeping. My two Great Danes like nothing more than to climb onto their lightweight down comforter for a nap. However, my Terriers enjoy their Snuggle Safe Pet Bed With a Microwave Heating Pad. This bed is great. You simply microwave the heat pad and then slip it under your pet’s bed. The warm feeling will last up to ten hours, and my dogs can’t get enough of the heat on a cold day. They might not leave their beds if I didn’t make them! Heck, I might not leave my bed either if I had a heating pad like they do.


Providing fun and useful things for dogs is something that devoted pet owners enjoy. I love finding things that my fur babies adore. It is very rewarding to see a sweet pet enjoy a toy, feeder, or bed immensely!

Gift Shopping for your Great Dane

I was recently talking to my neighbor about her dog, who was going through toys like nobody’s business. Her dog, Jeff, is a gorgeous Doberman, and he is not exactly gentle on his toys. Two of my dogs are Great Danes, so I understood her plight of trying to find durable toys for big dogs. I gave her some tips and advice, which helped her out immensely. Since they work so well for me, and they helped her, I thought I’d share them with everyone else!

To begin with, you must remember that Great Danes should absolutely NOT be given any pig ears, rawhides, cow hooves, string toys, bones, Greenies, or tennis balls. The majority of rawhides are cooked with lye, which is very harsh on the stomach of a Great Dane. They are also impossible to digest, which means they sit there in the stomach, and cause issues until they are painfully passed through your dog’s system. Hooves, ears, snouts, etc., all harbor Salmonella bacteria, as well as have a great likelihood of splintering. This can puncture your dog’s intestines, and cause a variety of very severe problems. Greenies have choked many dogs, and are also too full of gluten for a Great Dane’s system. The best treats are bits of chicken, hot dog, or dried liver. My dogs also really love Zuke’s Mini Naturals from Petco.

k9 cannon at bed bath and beyond with coupon

We just ruled out a whole bunch of things that a Great Dane cannot have, but there is an even longer list of the best toys for Great Danes. For starters, KONG has a whole line of toys that work well, and many of their fleece toys are long and skinny with a squeaker at each end. When my Charlie flings these around, he feels like he’s actually snagged a wild critter. He’ll prance around with one of those in his mouth for hours, full of pride at his “catch.” KONG toys can be found at major pet supplies retailer, but I recommend Petco. Petco always has the best deals on their toys, and are often handing out coupons. I always wait stock up once a month, and end up saving a bundle of money!

Another really great type of toy is those long fleece critters that have recycled water bottles inside. The crinkle sound may end up driving you nuts after a bit, but your Great Dane will absolutely love it! Let him run around outside with it, and he’ll have a ball! You can find many of those at Petco, as well.

Charlie’s absolute favorite is the Hyper Pet Critter Skinz Super Squeaker Beaver, which has over twenty-one squeakers! It also meets the child safety standards, so you don’t have to worry about it being harmful for your child to get hold of. This toy is sold at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for around $13, and lasts for a really long time. Bed, Bath, & Beyond usually have coupons you can find here, too, so keep an eye out for those!

Bed, Bath, & Beyond also has the Omega Paw Fitness First Treat Ball that Charlie is always running around with. It’s designed for tossing around and nuzzling different places. Dry treats can be put in – I usually use his cookies – and then they are dispensed when he rolls it around. He loves having to really work for them! I last bought it for $14.99, but it’s usually on sale for cheaper.

Petco has a whole bunch of different Kong toys, and I always bring my dogs along with me when I go shopping for one. He loves to pick out his own toy! He loves the red KONG cones, which are designed so you can put treats or KONG squeeze treats in. He also loves the hard, rubber rings they sell. Both of these types are indestructible, and Charlie has so much fun with them.

I really recommend bringing your Great Dane with you on your next trip to Bed, Bath, & Beyond or Petco, and let him pick out his own toy. All of the toys mentioned are perfect for Great Danes, and these stores have the best coupons. I just love them!

And when you do get yourself some great toys for your pets you can teach them how to pickup after themselves!

Tips for Caring for Terriers

I have always loved dogs and especially enjoy their companionship. I find that my two mixed breed terriers provide me with companionship, love and fun. Terriers are highly energetic dogs and like to be entertained. I have two terriers so they can enjoy each other’s company as well as mine. Because my dogs are mixed breed, I researched their parentage to learn what particular traits they have to better train and care for them. Terriers are loyal, and they make great watch dogs. They are territorial so it is important to encourage socialization as you train and care for them.


Basic Care

Terriers are easy to house break and can be paper trained. They may have sensitive skin, so it’s important to keep their coats as dry as possible. They like to play and be walked, but because they are easily paper trained, they can live in an urban environment.


Terriers like people food. This could be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Consult with your veterinarian about specific nutritional requirements. A basic diet of thoroughly cooked chicken or beef, green vegetables, bread and milk will provide enough vitamins and minerals for a healthy dog. Meals for the week can be cooked ahead of time and reheated. Of course the terrier needs plenty of water throughout the day. They are highly energetic and should be kept hydrated. Depending on the dog, he or she many need to eat three times a day.



Terrier breeds are easy to train. Teaching them basic commands and good manners are easy to do on your own or can be done with professional training. As long as you learn to work together, a terrier will learn quickly.



  Terriers love activity. They should be walked daily and spend time playing outside. They are clever dogs and easily learn tricks. Toys are a great way to entertain these dogs. I have plenty to entertain for mine. They like toys they can follow and play with. They love to nibble, so I have plenty of chew toys for my dogs. I found some great chew toys at Bed Bath and Beyond that I purchased with a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon that I found online. I buy a lot of chew toys for my dogs, so I purchase quite a few. This was a great deal.


I love my terriers. They are such good companions and make excellent house pets. They keep each other and me entertained. I love their energy and enthusiasm.

Tips for Caring for Your Great Dane

The Great Dane is one of the most popular breeds, and certainly stands out in a crowd. Its sleek, athletic, and overly large body makes it one of the easiest breeds to recognize. The character, temperament, and personality, and dedicated loyalty make this breed one of the best to own – if you have the room! I have two Great Danes, and have learned quite a few tips for owning Great Danes over the years. I’d like to share them with you now, and hope you enjoy owning one as much as I do!

Great Dane Care taking


Obviously, a Great Dane requires food, water, exercise, checkups, and regular grooming – just like any pet – but, they do have some things that make them stand out from the rest. When it comes to grooming, just remember:

– Great Danes do not need frequent baths. They are a low-odor dog, so yogreat dane careu don’t generally have to worry about that. I only give my two Danes a bath every couple of months, unless they roll in something stinky!

– They shed just like any other short-hair breed does, unless suffering an allergy or skin issue. Since it is a bigger dog, though, you will notice quite a bit more hair than with a smaller dog. I end up with black and white fur on me all the time! Just wear it with pride.

– A daily brushing will reduce the amount of dead fur that ends up sprinkled around your home. I generally brush my Great Danes in morning, and it seems to work very well.

– Ears should be cleaned out once a week, especially if they are cropped. I prefer to use ear cleaning solutions that have tea tree oil in them. The natural solutions work better, and are less harsh.

– Brush their teeth once a day, starting as a puppy. My two prefer peanut butter flavored toothpaste!

– Keep the nails as short as possible.


Aside from grooming care, there is the general care, which we will get into now. Your dog’s level of activity and temperament will vary, as all dogs are different. However, here are some Great Dane care tips that will help you along the way:

General Care Tips

– An adequately sized crate for Great Danes is HUGE. Keep this in mind when doing crate training.

– A large house is not needed, as many Great Danes love being apartment dogs. Just ensure they get lots of regular exercise, and are okay with being crated while you are gone.

– Regular human interaction is vital for keeping a good temperament. Great Danes can read body language and human emotions quite easily, so keep that in mind when you are around your dog. You don’t want to upset them! My dogs always know when I’ve had a bad day, and sometimes think they have done something wrong. Be careful of that.


For the most part, Great Danes are easy to care for, extremely affection, and devoted to their owners. Owning a Great Dane will greatly enrich your life, and I hope you liked these Great Dane care tips. Maybe our dogs will meet at the dog park one day!


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